Browsing for Trouble paperback

Initially, I planned to release the latest Phee adventure only in ebook format. Due to popular demand (and protests from some of my avid readers who hate using a Kindle), I’m pleased to announce that the paperback version will be available later this week!  I’m reviewing the proof copy and once I give the thumbs … Read more

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NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2017

It seems I’m destined to write horror for my challenges with NYC Midnight. My draw on this year’s challenge was horror, substitute teacher and surprise party. I think my short story successfully met each requirement. What do you think?   LITTLE GIRLS “Daddy said Mommy’s head was broken like an egg,” Chelsea said to Amanda. … Read more

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Coal Miner’s Bargain

Here’s my entry for NYC Midnight’s 2016 Short Screenplay contest.  I was given gold watch and coal mine as my elements and fantasy as my genre. It’s called Coal Miner’s Bargain.  470 total views,  2 views today

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Browsing for Trouble

I hope you enjoy this preview from Chapter One of Browsing for Trouble which is set for release in mid-December. “No men and no murder,” Juliet declared as she lifted her glass in the air. “This girls’ vacation will be margaritas, Mai Tais and manicures.” “You won’t get any argument from me,” I said, clinking my … Read more

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Screenplay for NYC Midnight

I made it to Round Two of NYC Midnight’s Screenwriting contest!  Here is my entry for the categories of Comedy, Masseuse and Exclusive Country Club.  4_Sinuously Yours  465 total views,  1 views today

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NYC Midnight 2016 Screenplay challenge

NYC Midnight assigns the genre, subject and character and you have 7 days and 12 pages to write a screenplay.  I was assigned ghost story, horoscope and kidnapper.  You have to make sure all three are used in the story.   Forewarning: R-rated language for those faint of heart! (Link opens PDF file.) Speak   … Read more

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Character profile: Clint Mason

A reader asked me about my character, Clint, and why he didn’t want a commitment. In my mind, Clint is a character who carries the burden of his youth and his past on his shoulders. It colors how he sees the world and views relationships. His parents had an unhealthy marriage which has now skewed … Read more

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One more excerpt before the book is released!

(Warning: Unedited excerpt so may contain errors.) An hour and a half later, we pulled into the parking lot of the Lamplighter. I pulled out a compact from my purse and checked that my disguise was still in place. “I feel ridiculous,” Juliet said. “This thing is making my face itch.” “It’s only for a … Read more

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Eyebrow Cyclops

(Unedited preview – may contain errors.) A short excerpt from Permanently Deleted.  Phee has rescued a puppy named Fritz.   An hour later, I was at Paws n Claws Veterinary Clinic. My parents had been taking our Irish Setter, Hamlet, there for years and Dr. Vicki Betters had squeezed Fritz into her busy schedule. Dr. Betters … Read more

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