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Today, I was interviewed by podcaster and horror writer, Bryan Nowak, on why I write cozy mysteries and why they appeal to readers. I believe that they provide a hint of comfort and restore order to the world every time an amateur sleuth solves a crime. Many of us our armchair detectives who enjoy a dark mystery show, a true crime podcast, or read police procedurals. When we are in need of an escape, however, I would much rather go to Busman’s Harbor in Barbara Ross’s Maine Clambake mystery series and meet Julia Snowden than visit a police station in a big city to hunt a serial killer. This is why cozy mysteries, including my own Phee Jefferson books, are the perfect respite from this crazy world!

Bryan was a wonderful interviewer, and it was my (gasp!) first podcast interview. I’ll share it here once the episode is released. In the meantime, hop on over to Bryan’s page on Buzzsprout and check out one of his previous episodes and if you like what you hear, please be sure to share.


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