Spring resolutions

Why don’t we do spring resolutions instead of New Year’s resolutions? After all, spring is a time of new growth, birth, sunshine, and a sweeping out of the winter doldrums. At my house, we have tomato and pepper seedlings sitting in trays seeking the sun and 6 Australorp chicks sprouting their big hen feathers waiting to move outside to the coop. Personally, I’m too mired in the cloudy, cold winter blues on January 1st to make a serious commitment to any new habit, but once the buds sprout on our dogwood trees and the crocus push through the mulch, I’m ready to refresh my home and my spirit. Perhaps that’s why we have spring cleaning.

Today, it will be a glorious 70 degrees here in Virginia. I plan to take some time to clean out my flowerbeds. It’s a long overdue task and the weeds have staged a coup. It’s time to yank them out and give my iris bulbs and tulips a chance to shine. What spring task do you enjoy doing?

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