Character profile: Clint Mason

A reader asked me about my character, Clint, and why he didn’t want a commitment. In my mind, Clint is a character who carries the burden of his youth and his past on his shoulders. It colors how he sees the world and views relationships. His parents had an unhealthy marriage which has now skewed Clint’s view on all romantic relationships. Phee’s flaw is that she thinks she can fix him. She has the rose-colored idea that if she loves him enough, it will fix what’s broken inside of him. I think this is a reflection on many real-life relationships, so I wanted to show it in my characters. The question that I, as the writer, must decide is should Clint change as a character or should Phee change how she views him and love him anyway? Decisions, decisions. We’ll reveal more of Phee and Clint in my next book –

Couple hand by hand at Sunset.


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  1. I loved these three books, overjoyed that it seems Clint & Phee will be “forever” , truly hope that does NOT change in the next book. I love the characters(warts & all), the mysteries and the love. Cheered for Clint & Phee, and also Wade & Juliet. Cozy mystery with romance! Doesn’t get any better!

    • Thanks! No worries. I’m pretty attached to Clint, too! As a little teaser, I think we need a visit from someone from Clint’s past (and it’s not an ex!)


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