Phee Jefferson Series


Death is Long Overdue

Death is Long Overdue


When your time’s up in Miller’s Cove, there’s no chance to renew… Antique-loving librarian Ophelia “Phee” Jefferson is perfectly content managing the small library in Miller’s Cove. It’s a peaceful village where her greatest annoyances are unreturned library books and the fact that handsome deputy sheriff Clint Mason doesn’t seem to notice her. When Phee discovers Huey Long’s naked, dead body, her humdrum life is rewritten. As bodies start stacking up, they all seem to have one thing in common – Phee. Will Phee’s transition from mild-mannered librarian to amateur detective help book the murderer? Or has Phee’s time come due?


Summer Reading is Killing Me

summerreadingfrontcoverIt’s hard to read between the lines in the flash of paparazzi cameras.

Summer reading and book sales should keep librarian Phee Jefferson busy. Instead, she’s facing distractions and disaster after discovering the dead body of artist Elody Campbell, The colorful characters of Miller’s Cover are on display as reporters chasing the story flood the small town. Phee and her sister, Juliet, brush up on their detecting skills and a portrait of the suspect emerges. As temperatures rise, will Phee be able to throw the book at the killer?


Permanently Deleted

Amy cover

Phee’s friend, Nellie, is in a dilly of a pickle. Her husband, Mike, purveyor of pickles, is found drowned in a pickle vat and it wasn’t an accident. Phee and her sister, Juliet, put on their sleuthing hats and start investigating to prove Nellie’s innocence. Phee soon discovers that Mike wasn’t the man she thought she knew and as she digs deeper, secrets are revealed. Can Phee solve the crime or will someone make sure she’s permanently deleted before their secret is revealed?

Browsing for Trouble

Phee and Juliet head to Sedona, Arizona, for some sun and fun, but crime is never far behind.  (December 2016)

Lilly Belle Farm Series

Death Kicked the Milk Bucket

Releasing Summer 2016!

Claire O’Connor has lost her job, lost her man and is down to the last few dollars in her bank account. When the chance to move into her aunt’s old farmhouse arises, Claire has no choice but to take the leap into country life. Soon she is knee-deep in goats, pigs and mud. When Claire’s neighbor turns up dead in her barn, she soon realizes that her small country town isn’t quite the tranquil retreat she thought it would be.