So excited!

I love my cover, and I’m so grateful at the designers at Deranged Doctor Design. Their name is crazy but their designs are spot on. Final Bow at the Bijou is available for preorder. Release day is October 4th. Preorder the ebook here.  313 total views,  1 views today

 313 total views,  1 views today

The Object of My Affection…

… has changed my complexion from white to rosy red. My husband can still make me blush even after all our years together. We are true opposites. I’m the word girl and he’s the numbers guy. Never were these differences more apparent than last night. In the late spring and early summer, my husband and … Read more

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Noir at the ‘Voir

Mark you calendars, local readers. There is a full slate of amazing writers who will read their dark short stories that evening. Looking forward to the return to in-person readings and events.  224 total views

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Spring resolutions

Why don’t we do spring resolutions instead of New Year’s resolutions? After all, spring is a time of new growth, birth, sunshine, and a sweeping out of the winter doldrums. At my house, we have tomato and pepper seedlings sitting in trays seeking the sun and 6 Australorp chicks sprouting their big hen feathers waiting … Read more

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The character of a woman

March is Women’s History Month. It’s a time when we look at the accomplishment of women throughout history. As a writer, I create women characters, so today I’m reflecting on the difference between men and women. Many years ago, when I was an undergraduate, I had a close friend who devastated me with one comment. … Read more

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Magic Pill: An almost true tale of my childhood

I died the summer of 1976. Thank God it didn’t stick. I blamed The Brothers. That’s what I called them. They were a collective rather than singular beings. I often tattled on them for using me for live target practice with their Daisy Red Ryder. I could have lost an eye. My stuffed polar bear … Read more

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Researching Recipes

I love reading old recipes, particularly from the 1920s. It’s fascinating to see food preparation through the years change. Today, we have a surplus of food, even though recent trips to the grocery store before a snowstorm might give you a moment of doubt. When I write a historical piece, I try to find menus … Read more

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Monkey mind

I don’t know about you, but I have a monkey mind. If you’ve known me for awhile, you’ll have seen the monkey mind in action. A random thought will manifest itself into words, and I’ll leave you scratching your head thinking, “Where did that come from?” My husband tends to sigh and say, “What in … Read more

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